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6obby x HKFiftyOne I'm sorry tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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All I ever hear inside my mind is all this screaming,

I don't think I'm strong enough to ever face my demons ,

I ain’t got nobody always lonely on the weekends

Shawty really played with me and now my heart is bleeding,

I just wanna let you know how bad you left me fucked up

Hella insecure andall I ever do issmoke blunts

I got this depression so I numb my pain with all dis bud,

Girl I thought you loved me but you left me lookin fucking dumb,

I don’t wanna feel this pain and I don’t want to love no more,

Thought that I’ve been hurt But I ain’t ever felt this pain before,

I really thought you loved me and I thought I was the only one,

But you’ve made it clear that I’m not perfect, and I’m not the one,

Takin all these shots andI’m tore from smokin all this gas
Stabbed me in the heart Feelin like I had a heart attack,

I’m just feeling worthless I know you don’t really want me back,

Feelin like I hate Myself but I don’t wanna feel like that,

(6obby & HKFiftyOne=)

I'm sorry thatI'm so worthless,

I'm sorry I'm always wrong,

Im sorry that you can't help, and that I'm just a broken soul,

I'm sorry that I keep trying,

I'm sorry I'm always sad,

I'm sorry I'm always thinking, and I always make you mad,

And I’m steady crying while I’m cruising thru the city,

Kickers bumpin in the back listen to your c.ds

When you left me girl I think you took a piece of me

Stuck with all these pictures and I’m stuck with all the memories ,

I don’t wanna feel no more don’t wanna feel this misery,

We don’t even talk no more I’m Feelin like your enemy,

Why it gotta be like this, you tell me it’s not meant to be

But if it really wasn’t why would this be fucking killing me

Smokin this blunt I gotta clear my thoughts

Tommy my jacket i got some polo socks,

Sittin Alone I smoke andwatch the clock ,

Sittin alone I anime and watch the clock,

Writing these lyrics

They comin from the heart,

A boy with just nothing, but just a broken heart,

Depressed and I’m broke but this is just the start,

Depressed and I’m broke but this is just the start,

(6obby & HKFiftyOne=)

I'm sorry thatI'm so worthless,

I'm sorry I'm always wrong,

Im sorry that you can't help, and that I'm just a broken soul,

I'm sorry that I keep trying,

I'm sorry I'm always sad,

I'm sorry I'm always thinking, and I always make you mad 

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