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Yeah I'm a join life man for what it really is
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every night
I strive for perfection; it's only what I know
You should too, its still there, its' still breathing, life is good

(Chorus) Kristina Green
I had a dream of this place
It wasn't paved with gold
Everybody was there, everybody was home
Didn't nobody care, where you came from it all
It made, no never mind
The streets you were from
It made, no never mind
The diamonds and gold
It made, no never mind
The car that you drove
It made no never mind
Only we can stop this insanity in paradise

[Timbo King]
They say I want Eve cuz they say I'm the one
The chills of bullshit, yet the way of the gun
Patron in me, I'm smelling like Ned the Wino
You hear shots echo, red rhino
The block rivals, a ghost town, two men dead
Slained - both found, bullets to the back of the head
From a tray-pound, feeling sorrow
No tomorrow
Goons rip your face, Black Zorro
From BK to Moscow
You let it off, nobody knows nothing
The code of the hood, man you can grow old in the hood
Peace Father forgive me for the sins I've committed
Yeah I know what I've done but I did it now live with it
Hard touch your Aunt Leslie passed away
Seems like yesterday when she passed my way
I got a laugh; keep a smile above those frowns
Regardless to who or what, yeah the world goes round

[60 Second Assassin]
Life is a story that has taken control
And out of our lives
Over here is a man who never taken a stand
Would you go do your life to survive?

(Chorus) Kristina Green

[Killah Priest]
In my tablets of addicts the slained love ones
Display his graphics
These gangsta chapters are tears of hard years
Those departed their arts disappeared
Slowly my brothers roll weed, while others OD'd
Nodding off some nosebleed for tryna proceed
It's a slow speed; you see their years in their gold teeth
The wisdom firm Smirnoff, we clutch beers as they talk
We use to hangout on sidewalks
Beside a gang where they trialed Fort
Priest, live reports, New York Airports
Governor prepared for of Armies
Off psalm free, or we can hear 'em pushing Namies
On children's with their mommies
A village of palm trees, my arm freeze let the song breathe
Let the song breathe

[60 Second Assassin]
Life is a story that has taken control
And out of our lives
Over here is a man who never taken a stand
Would you go do your life to survive?

(Chorus) Kristina Green 

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