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(Soon your gonna find yourself, Down and out)

[60 Second Assassin]
Blaow, Microphone assassinist
My mind is a fumigated gas pit, Spit mental radar
My pen'll shine in the center of the Earth's equator
Think real astrologic, Quasar, Lunar active flazar
Stay bent on that Moonshine, Corn liquor for our mind
Science and Mathematics keep my gold with a shine
Some people call it searching for the Lord
We call it sharpening our sword
For every action there's a reaction
Just two double blades and my telecommunication get to crack'n
Visualize'n, A crystal clear persuasion
Picture a blue sparks a glacier, Royal affiliation
My minds like an invisible maze through the gates of heaven's levitation
Now in the spiritual fragrance, On the Earth the most happiest meditation
In tune to nature, What's a chess game without the freedom of rotation
A controlled mind is a dangerous thing to be wasting
Fear plus, Contagious, Immaculate
Whatever strong changes the happening
Just as cool as looking in the mirror rappening

[Chorus 2X]
I go from place to place, Nobody knows my face

[60 Second Assassin]
Let's get straight down to business
Open up your mouth and get signed to the shit list
Don't reck or unexpect I've been a lecture
Mass murder rap, Your still swinging now catch up
Since I be fessing up, Waiting for a check-up
When it comes to stacks I'm the treasurer
Never try to diss, Settle for Swiss instead of a fat lip
Back flip, Get his ass kicked out of this
I'm un-measureable, All outta ya area code
Shoulda tried two-one-two for the old move
Run around riff'n, Swine couldn't get the blitz'n
The paramedics come another lip they'll be stich'n
Or should I say D.O.A., Dead on arrival
Cause in my dimension I'm normally leave'n no survivors
Worser then A.I.D.S., Prolly cave us up in rage
Shoulda been with the stink'n bitch you had last night
Getting laid, No but you want your knot rocked
Knocked all out of your shoes and socks
I'm never to blame, You shoulda warned your crew to call the cops
I kill performances, You wake up in torment
Exhausted, Defrosted, Dehydrated extortion
Dissect, Reject, It's down to there to a preface
The floor match your abstract, Diagnoses as the pieces
Never elementary, Where there's a microphone
Weaken a poser, Deacon a poser, Back to altone
Disintegrate then recreate whatever you advocate
Rap is the booby trap, Setting up chumps and fakes
Still on a mission, Dismiss em before the hour glass
So watch that assssss, The World Turns
You'll be one that learn, In my M-E, No still M-I-N-D


(Soon your gonna find yourself, Down and out)

[Outro w/ ad-libs]
You know how to feel, You know how to feel

(Soon your gonna find yourself, Down and out) 

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