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[60 Second Assassin]
I should have known from the start, as long as we've been apart
Love can never love from a far
Too much absence can change direction and rod
Separation is world we facing, can you call on God?
When your rib dial 9-1-1 same deck, different cards
We dealing in
It's my house but they got me walking around in the wilderness
And my heart is feeling it, a brother nearly looses his mind
Baby can we stop mixing our live with the swine?
Be adults and handle shit in our time
We don't need a second emotion; all we need is a lil time
While mankind leads the blind, they want future District Attorney
Where only whites shine
What's the opposite of a black collar crime?
And a black swallow time and the feel is 1779?

(Chorus) Prodigal Sunn 2x
Love is reality, life is filled with flattery
Love be the batteries, life be the prince of palities
Right, you live and you learn, you lose your earn
Confuse and concern, remember love burns
It's real

[Prodigal Sunn]
I was shocked when she first told me baby it's over
Packing her bags, I'm moving out, I'm taking the Rover
Stay cool, played my composure, smile on my face
You bugging out over some small shit
Hurry up and race, okay, state your case
No need us to waste
I was real when your baby even slowed my pace
Anytime, anywhere, all the streets that you aced
Your number one better showed you things that really do matter
End of the chapter, leaving in some devilish rapture
The here and the after, twisting up some green pastures
Reminisce the times and the laughter
Love you around the situations
Complications didn't allow it to work
You wanted it to work and it don't work
That's when it hurts
Forgot the loyalty entrust
She was doing me dirt, I was taught you live and you learn
You lose your earn, confuse and concern, remember love burns

(Chorus) Prodigal Sunn 2x

Uh, I did a lot of dirt, caught a few cases, a true felon
Been gelling since my youth states
You name it I've done it and seen it first hand
My homie was murder in cold blood, it hurts man
After all I've been thru, I'm a smarter now
So rational, I'm strong for my daughter now
She's my universe, my earth evolves around her
Teaching the facts of life, prepare for the afterlife
Focus on what's important, money ain't everything
Make sure the man you choose present you with a wedding ring
Control your material lust
I look up her face would of appear in the sun
Keep shining girl, your design is pearl
And diamond refined in a timeless world
Daddy's little princess, I meant it
Whatever you want it, spend hours in the studio to get that
Had a dream, she lost me to the streets, and so I stopped slanging
Became God's Son instead of Son of Satan
Virtue, marry the women that birthed you
Yeah, I came full of circle there's nothing I can't work thru

(Chorus) Prodigal Sunn 2x 

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