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500 miles to memphis piosenki

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I stare at the ceiling I'm chained to the bed This weight I've been given sinks faster than lead Fight for every breath until I can ride again Caffeine and ibus is my novacaine Taking enough for to easing the pain I'll give it up give it up someday I swea...

Let It Go

been hangin in here lately been hanging on by a thread of a noose why dont you cut me loose what's going on I'm hoping you'll forgive me I'm hoping you will drop me a line so we can hang out sometime what's going on I hope you will remember all the good...

My time is up

I was born in a mining town by the name of Bluefield, WV Now I'm sixty-seven and i lived a good life I got about an hour left in me Been comatose for the past six months I've had plenty of time to think I can hear my family talking to me I'd give anythin...