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5 Star Grave

Utwory wykonawcy:

Triple-X Ride

Walk in the streets Move like a bitch Wait for the bus Wait for your turn Get on the bus Dignity annihilated 20 U$D will last you a week Losing control let the cum flow Don't be shy let the cum flow The cam is on Center of attention Smile Enjoy Laugh Beseech...


From metropolis to frozen lands we created the violands Blood is blindin' our eyes, fear is freezin' our minds From the ocean to desert sands we created the violands Ashes are takin' our breath, terror is killin' our hopes Blood is blindin' our eyes - Fear is...

When The Lights Go Out

When the night is taking your hand Show me who you are When the night is crawling in your bed Show me who you are When the light is gone an all your morals are betrayed Show me what you've got to seize the day Insane freakshow On and on Insane freakshow On a...