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5 Days Bleeding piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Development And Blossom

Is it possible To feel the way I feel? Everything's so unpredictable It's just too hard to deal With these things changing around me It makes it too hard to see To see the lights change in your eyes To see the lights change in me I think back...

Ugly Bird

Feeling like an Ugly Bird With no one on my Side Feeling like an Enemy my life massed of fire as time slown, it still passed by with no one to see while you were away i created a mistake lands massed of fire water slowly sank to this day i...

With His Flaming Embrace

Secretly I'm lying, Mentally I'm trying To not believe what My Eyes see (O', there you are) I'm fading away (there will be no tomorrow) Crucify me Fear me not Demons I cannot see Now it appears Nothing will crush me I will not Decieve...