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5 Billion Dead piosenki

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Buried in Sand

My father fought for our freedom My father fought for our right to choose Choose whatever destiny that I want I choose for freedom Buried in Sand Take the Bitch Out Our fathers fought for our freedom And we must take a stand Our brothers and...

Hate the World

I've always wondered why Old people don't mind to die But now I understand They go to a better place Leave with a small trace Of what it is to deal I've put up with too much shit in this world Too many feelings in my head Wouldn't leave me alo...


This part of me I don't want to show you A Fallacy I don't want to show you In - Inside my head There are thing That you must not see All these things inside my head You wouldn't want to see them It would get you upset In - Inside my hea...

Reality Filter

Forget about yesterday It's all been blown away That's why it hurts so much Forget about today We all live for Tomorrow That's why it hurts Why does it feel like Everyone's deserted me Why does it feel like No one wants to help me We all...