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Here On The Moon

(v1) Ponyville, I was in love with you But I'm trying something new Ya don't need me now I knew it was too good to be true I knew that we'd both lose And you've let me down (chorus 1) It's time to say goodbye 'Cause I've learned how to fly Don't wan...


The sound of every beating heart Is music to my ears The melody is torn apart When listening through tears Is it too soon, or am I too late? How have I done? The words still echo but I'm not repeating one This is who I'm meant to be Raise th...

Thought I'd Let You Know

It's getting hard to write And late into the night It's been while now, I toss the mail around I hope you've been alright I'm eager just to know Where, from this point, I go 'Cause I can tell you now, I've made my way around But I never seem to grow...

Wings of The Rainbow

Spend all your life looking, but you never know Exactly what you're looking for It all seems so simple, and so easy to see But you just can't explain it at all You need some direction, ohhh put your mind at ease Remedy made for your eyes When you feel...