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40 Sons

Utwory wykonawcy:

Dust And Bones

Listen, I'm done I don't want you anymore Get up, get out Or I will force you through the door Confined, contained I can't hide this anymore Innocent girl Has become the monster Become the monster Tidal waves won't bring her down She has set her sigh...


Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Go! My fist is clenched on fear, holding blood sweat and my tears It's how I've been for all these years, I don't want this I don't need this This fear has turned to rage, an animal locked in...

I Have The Gun

Leave me everyone cause I’m not having fun All you better run cause I have the gun My silence is my weakness This secret I’m keeping I can’t let them see me Now I’m on my own Until I can stop this My future is stagnant Alone here and waiting...

Perfect Enemy

In Vain, I found you I need your sweet embrace Stay, get me through This catatonic phase She's underneath me My Perfect Enemy She's waiting for me My Perfect Enemy Wait, this moment Are you on my side Wait, this moment You just don't feel right She's underneat...