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4 Him

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Before the River Came

I've been lookin' at the past, I've wasted too much time On things that won't last I've built a kingdom out of rubble and sand But I don't, I don't want to hold on to it all I'm ready for the river to run and wash it away, I'm singin' Come, sweet water,...

Great awakening

Here in this moment in time We search for wonders, for miracles in science Something to satisft the hunger in our soul The human rage from deep within the soul Like a machine in pursuit On the horizon like a raging fire we move Driven by questions in, in my...

Measure of a man

This world can analyze and size you up And throw you on the scales They can IQ you and run you through Their rigorous details They can do their best to rate And they'll place you on their charts And then back it up with scientific smarts But there's...

The message

The fields are white and now the time has come For there's a harvest, there is work left to be done Lord here am I, I will be the one I'm committed to the finish until the setting of the sun Lord, I will be faithful in all I say and do To live a love that ne...