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Now the time has come

To face the consequence

Of your reckless destruction

You poisoned the waters

and burned all the forests

Now you wonder why the smoke

is taking your life away

It's not over for everyone

Those who transcend will strive

Not humans anymore,

but harmless to the world

Deep under a scorched landm

bodies in secure vaults

Maintained by machines,

we will live forever

And when the Sun sets on your world,

I will hear this beautiful melody

And when the Sun sets on your world,

I will sing this digital symphony

I know you wonder

what will be left of us

if AIs take control

of our minds

One with the network,

together united

This is the only way

to save our planet

We will take to the stars,

beams of pure energy,

and explore the cosmos

as humans and machines

Maybe in a thousand years

when nothing is left of you,

we'll wake up from slumber

and rebuild this world 

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