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3 Of Hearts piosenki

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Baby that's the way

Pulling me under You're leaving me breathless Feeling the thunder My heart is helpless, it's true You come around And the stars light up the sky Say my name And how could I describe That's the way you love me baby Baby that's the way You lift me up...

It happened to me

Two good friends, Friday night, a chick flick in the VCR I watched you roll your eyes Knew I'd have to twist your arm when you said You expect a guy like me to sit and watch this mushy stuff They always fall in love when they first meet That never happens...

Love is enough

We don't need the world outside We got all we need tonight Love is enough Let 'em say what they wanna say When you're holdin' me this way Love is enough Everybody's searchin' for a piece of mind All they gotta do is look at you and I Baby, just wait...

You break me

I can have a heart of stone Stand my ground and walk away Be strong when everything falls down around me I can keep my self-control Guard the secrets of my soul Soild as a rock until you found me Baby, you move me, you shake me You take me in your arm...