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Blood Altar

The blood So clean On the altar of god Taken from the lamb Cleaning the world of sin Bringing peace What is left of him The carcass The world is condemned Oh, halle-fuckin'-luyah Blood spilled on the earth Created by the first and the last The s...

Cannibal Christ

He took the bread And split into three One piece for the flesh The second for the spirit The third one was For his apostles To eat it as his holy communion But the bread was foul He ate them from the inside As the long awaited messiah The glorious ca...

Rotten Blood, Mildewy Bread

Rotten lies Rotten faith You turn away From your sanity Eating mildewy bread Drinking rotten blood Your foul messiah is dead For two thousand years How does it taste To eat the shit of god How does it feel To swallow his urine Masochistic condem...

Wound Fuck

I wash my hands with blood from his wounds I mark my skin with symbols of sin His wounds are moist by rotten blood I smell the scent of savior's dead flesh Fuck his wounds for blasphemous pleasure Fuck his wounds for lord's greater glory Fuck the flesh...