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2 Bullet piosenki

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Economic junkies decieved us. Globalims will not save us. "Growth is madness" this is truth I wanna see the death of this nation My revenge My rage My crime My cry I'm gonna set the world on fire I'm gonna kill the liar My revenge My rage Can`...

Burn Their Flag

Itsuwarishi seigi o katari Kachinonaki butadomo o koyashi Imi no naki chigiri o kawashi Ubawareshi hokori o okashi They sold their history. They sold their pride to enemies. They sold their misery. They sold but they lost liberty. Fugai naki...


Politicians in this country sold your human-rights. Media covered this tyranny. You know truth is out of sight. In such a fucking situation, do you wanna protect your pride ? The time is ripe for uncover the truth. Against the authoritarianism. No...