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1982 piosenki

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'82 - '92

[Mac Miller:] Hey, hey. . . What up, Term? Uh-huh. . . and it go like I'm just gonna let the beat ride out a little bit You know what I mean? Just so you can feel what I'm feeling Alright, now that we on the same page Alright, look. . . hey, hey [Mac...

Goin Back

(I'm goin back, back, back) [Verse 1 - Cassidy] Where they do that? You rat, go to court for the pigs I'm coppin crack, pockets fat like Porky the Pig I cock it back, I pop a gat, at the thoughts in your head 'Cause I'm a felon, you be tellin, just to shorten...

Never A Dull Moment ft. Action Bronson & Bun B

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Up in the hospity, know my philosophy Smoked duck, power meetings at the Brasserie Lose your posture, fuckin' with the doctor Decker injector, livin' off the nectar The fruits of life I got the sweet tooth Young Sweet Jones, cha...


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Show off, show off... (AHHHH~!) Yeah, yeah!! Termanolo-GY! S, T! Mo P'S! [Lil' Fame] Yeah, F-izzay, M-izzay, block hugger shit That ol' gutter shit, fuck all that other shit These niggaz soft with them whack-ass love songs Them and they bab...