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1956 piosenki

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A Lesson In Remembrance

Decide and grow between unseen Another boy falls between Imagine all your friends Whatever comes torn apart Imagine all your enemies she misinforms from afar Imagine all your enemies end of me.  

American Grande

As i watch into yesterday A fort built of snow another time away Orange walls turning green again Plastic cars and trucks Thinking back to then Are you afraid i am how can you live this way.  


There's a fog it comes down And i am i hear no sound It wants to it needs to up on L.A. It comes down And i will i think i'll drown It wants to It needs to It withers it slithers And i am ether. 

For The Dolls With No Arms

All flaws neatly on display Bruises all in frames So long they're so many scars We're dolls with no arms All flaws Swiftly rearranged we bled just the same. 

Six Ways To Nothing

How swift we fell from the truth What tales i'll tell about you As you put on your sunday best Try not to choke on your regrets you and i all burned up. 

While Eden Burns

Tired of seeing it through instincts You've ever had fail When you fall trying so hard to believe Trying to speak And to save a brother i imagine as people pass and in eden When you fall burning of summers and days before you.