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Holes in my frame I've got a picture I barely see I could never believe I'd fear I got too close - now I bleed Do you bleed? I should better leave it how It was all served, not to try To get another end, not going to allow You to believe I'd ever lie...


You tried the pink one Back in the doorway Just like wine or the sweet leaf There's no hurry and no belief No hope, no glory Chasin' the quick fun A short cut to reach it all now Up on the moon, God told you: -hey, you are off the way And I'm sorry, d...

More Than a Friend

Last night I felt how the world set Its wheels directed like mine You said I'm another fool you'd wait for Cutting loose, when you're free to choose what you want to More than just a friend, I go further Unsure about my role, in this game though I don't...