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Fuck the government

Take advantage of us

They never give a fuck

That what they give to us

Democracy that I called, means nothing at all

Why you demand for? Exchange with death

This is sin city no democracy

This shit city that never knows democracy

We only have got a selfish, fucking shit leader

Fuck your policy that made us believe in that one what you will do

But in the end our trust was destroyed by corruption

This is time for revolution

You never give a fuck 'cause we are just simple person

Fix the right to the wrong, fix the wrong to the right

Though the world's gone wrong you never care, never give a fuck

The mistake you have made is irreparable where the fuck you've been?

You snatch the force, separate into the groups

Contend for position, someday you'll fall and all shall perish

Take the life take freedom take the right take democracy fuck!

2x Do for them all not for your own motherfucker.

2x Fuck you all, think on your sins before you lose it all

Think on your sins

Fuck Every Government 

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